My Design Mindset

I want to make things useful and pleasing. My primary concerns are: is it useful? Functional? I want to know whether or not tasks can be completed. There should be a goal of transparency in design.

I like to follow a framework and collaborate when I design. I prefer to test prototypes on users. Success is measured on the transparency and ease of use of a design.

The form of design is a framework or method. Designs are expressed in sketches, prototypes, images. Designs are compared by how transparent/visible they are.

The most important aspect of design is the media, interaction. The interface is the design. Design can be distinguished from lack of design by looking at usability vs. difficulty. Interaction designers are responsible for design. Interactivity makes design good.

I need to know what the person needs to accomplish. The subject of design research is how people think. Design knowledge is acquired by observation.

Designers should know the PRInCiPleS framework. I work with others by feeding off ideas and injecting my own ideas. The qualifications to be a designer are to be open to any ideas.

When I design, I use a camera, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver. Professional tools are Scheme, Autocad, Maya. Simpler tools are appropriate for early designsmore advanced tools for later versions. Dreamweaver is appropriate for web publishing. Usability labs are for usability studies.


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